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Thankful Note From The Women Survivors Alliance

A Thankful Note From WSA's 14-Year old Survivor Jessica Meyer

Women Survivors Alliance - Child Jessica Meyer I am thankful for many things. Think for a moment about the gifts in your life. Now close your eyes and fill your mind up of all the wonderful spectacular things we are thankful for. Life is so special and we have so many thankful blessings around us as we approach thanksgiving. I have fought my brain cancer and won. I am most definitely thankful for that. I am extremely thankful for the medicine, the doctors, nurses, and children's hospital. I have an amazing family. Thanks, mom and dad! I have a bed, clothes, food, an education, and people who love me. Laughter. ah yes, laughter is awesome! I am thankful that laughter is a big part of my life. I laugh a lot. I especially like to laugh at the quirky things in life. Life is full of quirks and I think that is what makes life so enjoyable. I mean, look around and see the silly joy right in front of you. I also give thanks to music. Music can have its own powers. Playing an upbeat dance tune will sure lift your spirits and energy.

There is something that I am not thankful for. I am not thankful for my brain cancer. Cancer stole my 5th-grade year and part of my childhood. I can't get that back. That door was slammed shut. I missed out on recess, playgrounds, hanging with my friends, and even homework. I lost what adults call my childhood innocence. Well, maybe not all of my childhood innocence, but apart of it had to be put on hold. A child has a special playfulness and passion about things. For a very long time, I was too sick to be playful and passionate. I used to be able to dance like no one is watching. Then for a very long year of my life, because of my cancer, there was no dancing. Just being able to stand and take a few steps was a big accomplishment. During my treatment, the door to my childhood was slammed shut because I was riddled with the experience of fighting for my life. I saw that in many of my fellow pediatric patient buddies. All of us sick kids had to grow up fast. However, I think all of us kiddos, learned how to hold on and appreciate much of what was left of our childhood.

As I sit here on my warm cozy bed with my laptop being thankful for my blessings, my dogs are laying on my feet and keeping my toes warm. Which reminds me, I am thankful for my dogs! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


My 2nd Act Birmingham "Signs, Pom-Poms and People! Oh, My!"

When Alabama fans arrive (and I don't mean just the SEC, people!) it's literally a game changer! That's right. Signs, cheers, and pom-poms and the sounds of an incredible spirited crowd filled the air of the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater at the Alabama School of Fine Arts as My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage took the stage for its second year. Performing to a packed house, the Birmingham 2nd Act gals took to the stage as the stage show took inspiration to another level.

My 2nd Act Birmingham - Survivors

Performing to a packed house, the Birmingham 2nd Act gals took to the stage as the stage show took inspiration to another level. Extended backstories, backstage snippets and a weekend town tour by the cast shared the weekend production, while a vendor expo in the lobby the day of the event added to the live event.

"Describing the emotion and energy of the performance is almost too hard to put into words," stated Birmingham Producer Scarlett Bradford. "Birmingham was blessed to see this theater come alive with survivors of all ages, stages, and all cancers. This town certainly the KNEW the stage show had arrived. I can't wait for next year!"

The event was sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America with supporting sponsorship from Ignyta and The Survivor Collection. The WSA is grateful to all our supporters in helping us bring this amazing show to town and we thank them for their continued support.

The 90-minute special featuring the Birmingham cast will be aired on New Focus Network early in 2017. Wasn't there? That's OK! Don't miss this incredible performance. NFN will be found on Roku, IOS, Google TV and will soon be on Apple TV and Amazon Fire.


The Survivor Collectiontm Has Arrived Just In Time for The Holidays!

The Survivor Collection - Women Survivors AllianceBrilliance, Beauty and Bravery and just in time for the holidays. The Survivor Collectiontm is the absolute PERFECT gift for that beautiful survivor and co-survivor in your life!

Featured recently on Canada's The Shopping Channel, The Survivor Collectiontm is an exquisite collection featuring unique three stone rings and necklaces celebrating a cancer survivor's journey. The collection is available in 10k white gold or sterling silver. Set with Swarovski® Genuine Topaz by Swarovski Gemstm featuring two brilliant white stones on the sides, and one colorful stone in the center. The placement of the gems symbolizes the survivor's three-part journey; life before cancer, the diagnosis, and that beautiful moment cancer survivorship brings new clarity to your life.

However, The Survivor Collectiontm is for everyone! In addition to survivors, those who see the collection see pieces to compliment their everyday wear. Each piece was crafted as a collection of stunning designs every woman would be proud to wear whether it is a trip to the mall, to church, or in honor of a beautiful and treasured friend.

Best news of all? The WSA has partnered with The Survivor Collectiontm. Everyone can purchase pieces knowing this unique line gives back to support the WSA programs for women who are navigating their cancer survivorship journey. 100% of the Women Survivors Alliance website sales goes directly to support our programs. Don't delay! ORDER YOUR PERFECT PIECE TODAY at www.WomenSurvivorsAlliance.org. (Gift certificates also available.)

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