3 Toxic Beliefs You Need Out of Your Mind Today

"The drummer in our band, Nick, is legally deaf, and has been since he was born. But he can still hear low bass tones and feel the vibrations from the drums and other instruments. Honestly, he's such an incredible drummer that most people don't believe he's deaf. Sometimes I can't believe it myself."

Those inspiring lines come right out of a live chat conversation I had recently with Amber, one of our newest course members (she gave me permission to share this with you here). Amber is an ER nurse by profession, but moonlights as the lead singer in a renowned local jazz band in New Orleans on Friday and Saturday nights. And as you can tell, her drummer, Nick, is one of her greatest inspirations.

Later on in our chat session, Amber said, "You know, I hate to admit it, but I envy Nick. I really do! I mean, I know I could be almost as amazing as him, in so many walks of life, if I could just silence the voices in my head."

"What voices," I asked.

"You know, the voices constantly telling me that I'm not good enough, and that the naysayers are always right and I'm always wrong," - she said.

And as she got deeper into things, we ended up cutting our chat session short and jumping on the phone to flesh things out and get her thinking back on track.

But the truth is, she's not the only one who feels this way. Over the past decade Marc and I have coached thousands of people from around the world, with vastly different lifestyles and socioeconomic backgrounds, and most of them suffer from the same exact self-limiting beliefs Amber does. So today, I want to share some of these with you - the three most common self-limiting beliefs we see our coaching clients and course members struggle with, time and time again (see if you can identify with any of them):

1. "Those haters are right about me."

Don't let rude people ruin you. No matter how much negativity is thrown at you by others, there is absolutely no need for you to stay put and partake in the decay they choose for their own lives. YOU decide how your soul grows.

Because the truth is that what people say and do to you is much more about them, than you. People's reactions to you are about their perspectives, wounds and experiences. Whether people think you're amazing, or believe you're the worst, again, is more about them. I'm not suggesting we should be narcissists and ignore all feedback. I am saying that so much hurt, disappointment and sadness in our lives comes from our taking things personally. In most cases it's far more productive and healthy to let go of other people's good or bad opinion of you, and to operate with your own intuition and wisdom as your guide.

So stay out of other people's drama and don't needlessly create your own. Instead, imagine what would happen if you spent this entire day, and every day hereafter, with all your energy directed toward your most positive possibilities. Rather than being annoyed, be amused. Instead of getting angry, get away. Life is too short to argue, fight or be negative in any way. Count your blessings and move on from the drama with your head held high. (covered in the "Happiness & Positive Living" module of "Getting Back to Happy")

2. "It's important that all my family and friends approve of my goals."

Most of us are not raised to actively seek our calling. We may not even know that we have one. As kids, we are seldom told we have a place in life that is uniquely ours alone. Instead, we are encouraged to believe that our life should somehow fulfill the expectations of others - that we should find our happiness exactly as they have found theirs.

Rather than being taught to ask ourselves who we are, we are trained to ask others for permission. We are, in effect, schooled to live other people's versions of our lives. Every day is designed and developed as told to us by someone else. And then one day when we break free to survey our dreams, seeking to fulfill ourselves, we see that most of our dreams have gone unfulfilled because we believed, and those around us believed, that what we wanted for ourselves was somehow beyond our reach.

It's time to unlearn these lies and make changes. It takes courage to grow wiser and become who you really are. And today is the first day of the rest of your life. (covered in the "Goals & Growth" module of "Getting Back to Happy")

3. "They can do it, but that doesn't apply to me."

Just because someone else can, doesn't mean you can, right? Because you're not good enough, or you've missed your chance, etc. You look for reasons they can do it but you can't - maybe he's an internet entrepreneur or freelance writer because he has no kids. Maybe she's way fitter than I am, so she can run a marathon. Maybe she doesn't have all the work and family obligations I have, or has a supportive spouse, or doesn't have bad knees.

OK, fine, it's easy to find excuses: but look at all the other people who also have considerable obstacles and have done it anyway. Marc and I have a family, and have dealt with significant loss in our lives, and still managed to succeed on many fronts. And just as we've turned things around for ourselves, we know hundreds of other people who've done the same. Through a decade of life coaching, we've witnessed people reinventing themselves at all ages - 48-year olds starting families, 57-year-olds graduating from college for the first time, 71-year-olds starting successful businesses, and so forth. And stories abound of people with disabilities or illnesses who overcame their obstacles to achieve great things.

Your obstacles can be overcome!

Feeling stuck is a FEELING, not a fact. So never assume that you're stuck with the way things are. Life changes, and so can you. It's never too late to live a life that makes you proud. If you don't learn anything else from this email, learn that. There's no age limit on changing your course. (covered in the "Goals & Growth" module of "Getting Back to Happy")

And of course, if you're struggling with any of this, know that you are not alone. Many of us are right there with you, working hard to feel better, think more clearly, and get our lives back on track. This is precisely why Marc and I built "Getting Back to Happy." The course is filled with time-tested steps on how to do just that. And I'm thrilled to let you know that the full Getting Back to Happy course is now OPEN again to 100 early access members.

Have we been sending you more emails than usual about this over the past several weeks?

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