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BBB Accreditation Renewal

Thank you for renewing your BBB Accreditation! Last year, your BBB began a campaign to urge customers to "Look for the Seal" and according to a 2015 Nielsen survey, we're on the right track. In fact, buyers are 82.7% more likely to purchase goods and services from a BBB Accredited Business.

BBB is reinforcing customer confidence in choosing an Accredited Business through the continuation of the Look for the Seal campaign on new digital "billboards" and cable advertising, along with integration into media releases, news appearances and grassroots consumer education.

We hope you've become familiar with some of our newer programs including Customer Reviews and Star Ratings. Did you know that changes to bbb.org's Request-a-Quote program make it easier for your business to leverage customer interest through templates and text messaging for faster results and an improved user experience?

In short, BBB is committed to engaging tools and technology, along with a professional and caring staff, to help customers find and buy from trustworthy businesses like yours. You can help us advance our mission by letting potential customers know that your business is BBB Accredited. Please take a few minutes to review if you can be doing more to gain their confidence:

>> The Dynamic (responsive) BBB Accredited Business Seal is on my website and the static Seal is on my print and other marketing materials.

>> I've updated my BBB Business Profile with descriptions; areas served, hours, photos and videos.

>> My business includes a link to our BBB Customer Review in surveys to customers after each sale.

>> BBB has been provided cell phone numbers for me and/or members of my staff for use in Request-a-Quote text messaging (cell numbers provided for RAQ will not be visible to the public or used in any other capacity without permission)

If you have questions about any of these services, please contact our Accreditation Services Team for direct support at 410-400-4BBB.

Website - www.bbb.org/greater-maryland/dynamic-seal Featured Articles - Home Page

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