Do you ever feel like youíre not good enough?

I bet you do! I know the feeling. We all doubt ourselves sometimes - itís human nature. And the really crazy thing is, we think everyone else is doing better than us. But they arenít.

Every day weíre comparing apples with oranges - comparing our insides with other peopleís outsides. In todayís always-connected world itís even harder to keep things in perspective. Our lives are literally unfolding on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We use these social networks, not surprisingly, to showcase the best parts of our lives: the beautiful weddings and enviable honeymoons, the finished projects, and the best smiles. But we forget that weíre only seeing everyone elseís highlight reel too - not the sleepless nights, the failed attempts, the moments of grief and self-doubt.

Sometimes the indirect pressure to compete and keep up - coming through social media from peers, family, work colleagues, and society in general - is enough to make us feel completely broken inside. If we donít have the "right" job, relationship, lifestyle, and so forth, by a certain age or time frame, we assume weíre just "not good enough." And that's just NOT true!

So with all of this in mind, if youíre not feeling "good enough" right now, itís time to adjust your thinking.

It starts with acknowledging that all emotions come from within.

I want you to think about ONE self-limiting belief you have about yourself - one area of your life where you feel like you're not good enough. It can be about any part of your life you hope to change - your health, your weight, your job, your relationship - anything at all. Whatís one thing youíve essentially decided is a fact about your place on this Earth?

And then I want you to immediately shift gears and think about ONE time, one fleeting moment, in which the opposite of that 'fact' was true for you. I donít care how tiny of a victory it was, or even if it was a partial victory. Whatís one moment in time you can look back on and say, "Hey, that was totally unlike 'me' - but I did it!"?

  • - Ran a 5K for charity
  • - Lost weight and kept it off
  • - Was the life of the party
  • - Spoke up when you had something to say
  • - Stood up for yourself
  • - Felt loved
  • - Approached a guy/girl, and didnít fall on your face
  • - Learned a new skill
  • - Had a good idea that worked
  • - etc.

Once you identify the cracks in the wall of a self-limiting belief, you can start attacking it. You can start taking steps forward every day that go against it Ė tiny victories, more confidence, gradual momentum, bigger victories, even more confidence, and so on...
Until your thoughts and your reality change for good!

You CAN think better, and you CAN live better!

But, of course, that's sometimes much easier said than done.

Thinking better takes guidance and practice.

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