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Justice Reinvestment Initiative State Data Tracker

Justice reinvestment is a data-driven approach to criminal justice reform designed to examine and address correctional cost and population drivers to generate cost savings that can be reinvested in high-performing public safety strategies. The Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI) state data tracker provides information on system-level indicators such as prison, probation, and parole populations and overall state savings and reinvestment. Although these indicators track trends on key JRI objectives, accurate interpretation requires careful consideration of contextual factors, as changes in these measures are affected by a wide range of policies and practices that extend beyond the reforms passed during JRI engagement.

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Arkansas made an up-front investment of $2.4 million to support transitional housing, behavioral health treatment, and electronic monitoring, but has not documented any averted costs or additional investment to date.

* Limited to state-reported figures through September 2016
** Includes up-front investment and subsequent reinvestment from savings and averted costs

On December 31, 2015, the Arkansas prison population was 17,684, a 9.3 percent increase from 2010. There were 1,538 fewer people in prison (an 8.0 percent decrease) than experts projected for 2015 in the absence of reform.

Note: Baseline prison projections were calculated the year before states passed JRI legislation and reflect the expected size of the prison population assuming no changes to policy or practice.

More About Arkansas
->> Early efforts by the Arkansas Department of Correction, Department of Community Correction, and Parole Board substantially reduced the backlog of people awaiting transfer from jail to prison to an average of 391 in fiscal year 2013. However, this increased to 2,164 in fiscal year 2014 and 2,396 in fiscal year 2015.

->> In response to this growth and to increases in the average length of stay for people in prison, the Department of Correction added 2,782 beds between January 2010 and January 2016.

About This project
Download sources and methodological notes.

This project was supported by Grant No. 2015-ZB-BX-K005 awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The Bureau of Justice Assistance is a component of the Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs, which also includes the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the National Institute of Justice, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Office for Victims of Crime, and the SMART office. Points of view or opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the official position or policies of the US Department of Justice.

Project Credits
As an organization, the Urban Institute does not take positions on issues, but it does empower and support its experts in sharing their own evidence-based views and policy recommendations that have been shaped by scholarship.

Research: Samantha Harvell and Jeremy Welsh-Loveman
Design and Development: John Wehmann and Ben Chartoff
Editorial: Daniel Matos

Online ARTICLE LINK : http://apps.urban.org/features/justice-reinvestment/

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