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Where did you get your artistic ability? Did it begin as a child and how and why so?
Yes, if I were to describe myself in three words.it would be curious, imaginative and fearless. Like most children, we are naturally all artists and scientists. We love to observe our surroundings, work with our hands to figure things out, and see how we affect the environment around us. So much of how we progress from there is dependent on an innate sense of aesthetics, beauty, as well as the space and encouragement to practice.

I deeply believe we all are born with the innate sense to create, invent and build. This is our DNA. Unfortunately, we also have the propensity to form "blocks" by doubting our abilities, our worthiness to contribute, a supportive environment and the drive to make it happen. Fortunately, I had supportive parents, teachers and friends who believed in me, my abilities, and gave me continuous positive feedback and support. More than that, I believed in myself.

You appear to have a business acumen. Where does that come from?
My business acumen came with working twelve years as a contract engineer. I have worked in many business environments, many Fortune 500 companies. I learned the way businesses practiced, including the way information flowed, how companies were structured, how to develop trust and integrity among people at work, high work ethic, and a tenacity for problem solving.

How does your work stand out from that of others?
I believe my greatest gift is the ability to use both sides of my brain collectively. This wasn't always the case. It took quite a number of years to have my left and right brain on the same team. I was torn for the longest time questioning which side of the fence I was really on. I had a strong and natural impulse for using the right side for drawing, painting and any artistic venture. My left side loved logic and reasoning ~ the absolution of math and problem solving. It wasn't until I began in the alternative hair industry that I could empower both sides of my brain to work in sync. Forming an alliance between them allowed me to manifest what I desired much greater and quicker than I could ever have imagined. I truly believe anything is possible.

What was a turning point in your adult life when you knew you had to delve into the unknown and pursue this idea?
A friend of mine lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatment. She had bought a wig which looked pretty bad and she never left the house except to go to treatment. At that time, my then husband was developing a hair replacement procedure for men. He had aligned himself with a factory to produce men's hair grafts. I promised my friend that I would try to make something for her that she would be happy with. Honestly, I did not know what I was doing, but I was confident I could incorporate my art background with my engineering to develop an enhancement she would be happier with. In the end, I replicated her hair and she felt alive again. So was I. This was the turning point for me. Two years later, I quit my career as an engineer to pursue designing alternative. I have been able to successfully combine my art and design skills, with problem solving. I should also say that I don't sleep much. My brain is almost always activated to forming new and better ways of doing things. My husband says I am like a vampire.

What was the journey like from where you were ten years ago to where you are now?
It has been an amazing journey, especially the last 10 years. Looking back until now, we have gain so much momentum and fortitude with my original vision. The vision being that any woman could enjoy wearing enhancements not only for "skinny" hair, but for looking younger, fashion fun and modern convenience. After patenting/protecting my designs, I created a customized design/ordering system, marketing and an extensive educational curriculum so that we may duplicate what we have been doing at Versacchi at partner salons across the country/world. We have partnered with some amazing talent and created an alliance of hair professionals that I am so honored to be affiliated with.

What would you say was your best life's work?
My children.

If there was something that you could change, what would it be?
To delegate more of the work so I could paint in my studio at least 3-4 days per week.

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