The Truth About Millennials and Money

Millennials aren't just choosing experiences over possessions; they are facing far greater economic challenges than previous generations. On average their wages are 20% lower and they earn $10,000.00 less per year than their parents-but there's hope. According to Wealth Manager David Rosell, as long as Millennials recognize and address the unique risks faced by their generation, they can safely and successfully meet their financial goals.

Some topics he can talk about are:

  • 1) How to create a well-crafted plan and find the right person to help guide you.
  • 2) How to shift the way you think and review your priorities.
  • 3) The 8 Success Principles to make your 401(k) thrive.
  • 4) The importance of delaying gratification to make your money work for you.

Keep Climbing: A Millennial's Guide to Financial Planning, David Rosell's

Author of Keep Climbing: A Millennial's Guide to Financial Planning - by David Rosell's inspiration and zest for life have been shaped by a lifetime of international travel and adventure. With a current tally of more than 65 countries on four different continents, his quest for extreme travel has included hitchhiking from Nairobi to Capetown, Africa and Peru to Tierra del Fuego in South America. He spent three weeks climbing the infamous peaks of the Nepalese Himalayas, has lived tall amongst the pigmies of Uganda, and was one of the privileged to partake in tearing down the Berlin Wall. As a recipient of a Retirement Distribution Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, David excels making complicated financial planning topics easy to understand. He has been featured in two of the financial industry's leading publications, Financial Advisor and Financial Planning magazine as well as on CNN Money, Chicago Tribune, US News & World Report, FOX Business, Yahoo! Finance and NPR.

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