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Senator John McCain: A Soldier's Hero

Pondering how to pen this piece, I thought about pushing my ink towards the laments of some men whose behavior I have observed to be bullying, abusive, sexist, harmful, denigrating and every foul act in between. But the news of John McCain's recent diagnosis pointed my "quill" into a different direction: A Titan of Courage Who fought cancer on many fronts, and the recipient of the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit to name a few.

A Hero of Heroes Who was shot down by a surface to air missile and who endured unimaginable physical pain from two broken arms and a broken knee only followed by torturous, arduous and inhumane living conditions while held captive by enemy combatants.

A Champion of Choice and Change Who worked on both sides of the political aisles to craft campaign reform policies and to open and improve trade relations with Vietnam.

Afflicting the Comfortable and Comforting the Afflicted Who willfully decided to forego release from his torturers as a negotiating ploy because his fellow infantry men were not offered the same, which led to more abuse, beatings, and torture over a course of five years.

A Voice in the Wild Wilderness of Democracy Who stands against the lack of government transparency, erred foreign policy efforts, and the passage of legislation that will greatly harm present and future generations to come.

Standing Up in a Sea of Derision Who had the chance to crush his opponent with the slander of the Birther Myth, and stood on the side of integrity to denounce this insidious falsehood.

Mr. McCain, We Salute You, we admire you and faithfully believe that your tenacity in this great test will prove and affirm the example you have set for us all, an exemplar that we can only admire from afar--a real man who stands basking in the long lasting simmering sun of greatness.

Will The Real Men, Please Stand Up.

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