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Patty Kogutek

Greetings Friends!

As I walked down the pier in San Diego I related to this hand painted wooden sign:>
"Kinda Pissed At Not Being a Mermaid".

Patty Kogutek
Now I've always loved the water, its peace, its immensity and the many lessons that can be learned by the ocean.

I never went so far as to tie my legs together, but I do try to swim like one with my mermaid kick

Why am I so enamored with these beings? What is the endless allure of these creatures, half air and half ocean? Can they teach us anything?

What Can We Lean From a Mermaid?

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My First Book !

"A Change of Habit" recounts a spiritual journey that started when a religious eddy hurls seventeen-year-old Patty into a convent in the 1960s. Her deeply embedded guilt drives her to obey the Catholic Church, please her earthly father, and say yes to her heavenly Father.

A Change of Habit - by Patty Kogutek
A Change of Habit - by Patty Kogutek (ebook) (2018)

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