"AT HIS FEET" - Today's Women Living Life From Daily Encounters - Donna Milham

Several years ago the Lord began to bring a revelation to my heart and spirit about sitting at His Feet and how it would transform my life. As I sat with the One Who is the Word and read His Word, Holy Spirit would bring understanding to me of the passages I was meditating upon. I would sit stunned over and over again at the beauty and depth of the heart of Jesus.

Being at His Feet soon became my favorite place to be. Here I saw the extravagance of the King I surrendered my heart and life to and as He asked for more, gladly I opened wide every chamber of my heart. He is the Trustworthy One - He is the Safe One - for He is Love!

Holy Spirit began to show me how to live my life for the pleasure of My King, Lord and Lover! How to sense in my spirit man what pleased Him and what did not. To acquire a sensitivity to walk softly and yet confidently in and with His Love pouring into and out of a lifestyle I was being tutored in from Above.

The creativity of God is endless - all of creation a lavish display - sunrise to sunset - ever unfolding Majesty! And it is this same creativity that flows into and through His sons and daughters!

In this season, I know no other calling that is higher, than to live each day in awestruck wonder before Him. To cry out each day for our eyes to be opened, our ears to hear, that we might engage with all of creation in holy adoration of the Eternal One - Our Savior and King!

It requires a simple lifestyle - busyness gives way to stillness, as our hearts are captured afresh from glimpses of His glorious creation.

I know when my life has become too fractured from busyness, I miss the sparkle of the sun on the snow, the flight of the goose, the call of the loon - it becomes distant and faint. But Holy Spirit will whisper, "Did you see that star, did you smell the ocean, did you hear the winter robin's song, did you feel the icy wind on your face, did you taste the richness of my goodness this day?"

I stop and repent and say, "Lord I did not, my mind was too busy planning out the rest of my day, even as I walked amidst your beautiful trees, along the amazing seashore. I walked and yet I did not see, not really."

So I stop, and I purposefully and intentionally engage all five of my senses. I drink deeply to my fill and I am refreshed, ready to face the challenges of the day with fresh insights from being with Him in simple childlike wonder.

I seek to encounter Him again and again - open wide our hearts to truly see Your Glory all around us!

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