Focus for Direction - by Katrina Jean Taylor

Author Katrina Jean Taylor is the founder of the Direction TechniqueT, a breakthrough energy healing method. In her new book, "Focus for Direction: How To Self-Heal And Find Your Own Answers" (published by Balboa Press), Taylor explains how to self-heal using intuitive energy through the Direction Technique.

Focus for Direction - by Katrina Jean Taylor

Focus For Direction - How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers
By Katrina Jean Taylor

Softcover | ISBN 9781452525518
E-Book | ISBN 9781452525525
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Katrina Jean Taylor
Katrina Jean Taylor is an internationally-renowned teacher, speaker and author. She developed the breakthrough energy healing method, the Direction TechniqueT. With two degrees and a diploma in teaching, she is also a medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world.

"I want to show the world how to self-heal, find your own answers and find direction in your life," Taylor says. "You can be your own miracle."

"Focus for Direction" explains how the endocrine system and glands affect the body and Taylor's method that she says gives one a way to use breath to self-heal. She provides readers with the seven-step technique she developed to heal emotional, physical and spiritual problems.

The following Direction TechniqueT courses are designed to enhance intuitive skills:

Fulfilling your Soul's Destiny: Healing the Soul Within
Develop your hearing instinct to self heal.

How Group Thinking Affects Your Life: The Dynamics of Collective Consciousness
Learn how to be in groups using your gut instinct.

Body Anatomy Series: Retrain the Virus; Regain Strength
Develop clairvoyance and foresight skills: Sounds for healing certain viruses.

Body Anatomy Series: Endocrine System-Aligning Your Glands
Develop remote viewing and X-ray vision skills inside a body, and discover the correct origin to heal.

Dolphin Energy Healing
Find peace, happiness and calmness in your life.

How to Heal Animals using the Direction TechniqueT: Understanding Soul Destiny
Heat healing and using eyes to heal.

Direction TechniqueT: Practitioner
Become a Direction TechniqueT Practitioner as a professional or learn the Direction Technique for self-healing, self-development, friends, family, or business.

Direction TechniqueT Instructor
Teach others how to self- heal using the Direction TechniqueT

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Author Katrina Jean Taylor - Website: www.focusfordirection.com

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