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Social Security at 77: "Budget Target"

VIRGINIA RENO - Reno is vice president for income security policy for the National Academy of Social Insurance. Today they released the video "Social Security: Just the Facts"

HEIDI HARTMANN, via Caroline Dobuzinskis - Dr. Hartmann is president of the Institute for Women's Policy Research. She said today: "Social Security is a vital program for women, many of whom rely on Social Security benefits as their sole source of income in retirement. Our research shows that men are also becoming increasingly reliant on Social Security. On the 77th birthday of the Social Security Act, there are real, affordable solutions to expand and modernize the program -- and funding solutions that our survey research shows most Americans support."

MAX RICHTMAN, PAMELA TAINTER CAUSEY - Richtman is President and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security; Causey is communications director for the group. Richtman said today: "As we mark this 77th anniversary, Social Security's promise of economic security for average Americans is facing the biggest threat of its long and successful service to our nation. For too many political candidates, including the GOP Romney/Ryan Presidential ticket, Social Security is seen as little more than a budget target. They intend to use it to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and allow Wall Street to access American workers' Social Security funds. While politicians use Social Security as a political bargaining chip, millions of Americans depend on it as their lifeline.

"Through times of war, economic crises, natural disasters and even terrorist attacks, Social Security has proven time and again to be the model of what an effective, efficient and compassionate government can do for its citizens. It represents America's core values of hard work, contribution and intergenerational equity.

"On this anniversary, it's vital for the American people to understand the potential economic and political forces that could radically alter the core values that have defined America's economic security priorities for almost eighty years. Social Security is a program we should be emulating.not threatening to tear down."

For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy: Hollie Ainbinder, (615) 893-0495, or (415) 663-9674

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